Structural BIM services BIM is an imperative component in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry. Implementation of BIM (Building Information modeling) facilitates structural engineers, detailers and fabricators to improve structural documentation, reduce error margin and synchronizing different teams to pace up fabrication process. Encimex offers complete solutions for structural building information modeling requirements. We ensure lower designing cost and maximum productivity by rectifying design and drafting errors through our Structural BIM services.
Steel Detailing Steel detailing is the process of analyzing the design from the architectural and structural drawings to create detailed shop drawings for steel fabricators and framing plans for the steel erection crew. Structural steel detailing being a mandatory process in all types of constructional activities and since it demands 99.9% accuracy, we take at most care in each step of the process from the scratch. Our Engineers and the detailers are proficient with the latest technologies and International standards. We always strive to satisfy our clients by committing to deliver works with exceptional quality, quick turnaround, on time delivery and specific customer standards, if any.
Precast Detailing Concrete is the most abundantly used building material in the world. Precast is the process of casting concrete in a reusable mold or form in a factory and then transported to the construction site and lifted into place. Higher accuracy and precision in details are achieved by factory-controlled conditions in a casting factory. Precast is an ideal and economic solution for single or multi-level structures. We cover all phases of precast concrete detailing. We provide precast detailing services for precast concrete elements, precast concrete buildings and modular construction systems that also include production of shop drawings and supporting calculations. Our proficiency in precast detailing services equips us to diagnose challenges that may arise in construction before the construction…
Rebar Detailing Rebar detailing is the process of creating shop drawings of steel reinforcement for construction, which includes the placement, bending shapes, quantity, description, laps of the reinforcing steel and dimensions. Our experienced Rebar Detailers give extreme attention to details and creates drawings with spacing, location, rebar size and lap of steel. We are experienced in catering our rebar detailing services to different types of structures like commercial, industrial and residential. We will help the contractors and the fabricators to avoid the wastage of materials in field.
Bid-safe modeling Bid-safe Modeling is a new way of estimation in AEC industry. With our bidsafe modeling service we help contractors to bid for a project with at most accuracy possible and thus increase their conversion rate from bid to work. This will give contractors a big advantage over their competitors in a bidding and will increase the probability of winning the bid with accurate material take-offs and labor cost. The contractors can submit highly accurate bid proposals, increase business conversion rate and run a much more profitable business
Shop Drawings Fabrication industry is hugely dependent on Shop Drawings. Shop Drawings are a set of drawings for prefabricated components for the fabricators, manufacturers, contractors, suppliers, steel erectors and EPC firms. We provide shop drawings for all kinds of steel and reinforcement concrete for constructions of all magnitudes.
CD Set Construction Documentation are often referred as drawing set or sheet set, which are a set of sequential drawings shared with architects and engineers to convey the detailed requirements of building projects. Our construction documentation has a huge effect on the profitability and promptness of a project, as it covers every occurrence of the construction process. By following our construction documentation profitability of projects can be achieved by keeping schedules intact and prompt.
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