BUILDERS WORK DRAWINGS Builders work drawings are important before the concreting works of a building is instigated. Builders work drawings are integral part of construction as it incorporates details wall,roof and slab openings, plinth details of equipments etc.We make sure that the drawings are delivered by customisation based on client requirements while keeping the highest industrial standards.
MEP BIM MODELLING Building Information Modeling is widely accepted as one of the best tools for 3D virtual representation of the building. We offer fully comprehensive list of solutions when it comes to MEP building information modeling requirements.The application of BIM systems are beyond just 3D virtual simulation of a building, with our BIM services we will help our clients in cost reduction & error rectifications before the actual construction process and also helps in acceleration of construction schedules.Our range of services include MEP co-ordination, 3D modeling, CAD services for residential,commercial,industrial and multi purpose building
CLASH DETECTION AND COORDINATION Clash detection and coordination can eliminate project complications such as inaccurate designs. Among the various BIM services clash detection and coordination is one of the most important service. Clash detection is indispensable for large projects at their early stages. Our clash detection and co-ordination are very beneficial to the clients, as it is based on simulations and real time scenarios.
MEP SHOP DRAWINGS Shop drawings are two dimensional drawings which are used for construction. It is usually produced for construction team.Shop drawings typically have more details than construction documents. With our elite shop drawing services we ensures improved building quality and output efficiency.
SPOOL DRAWINGS Pipe spools are factory made pre-fabricated piping systems which are directly delivered to the construction site. Pipe spooling are very common now a days because of the onsite space limitations and the requirement for fast construction. We offer guidelines which consist of all required information's necessary for the pipe spool assembly to the installers in the form of spool drawings. Spool drawings are beneficial as it improves the accuracy of spool installations and rectify unintentional changes the construction site.
QUANTITY TAKE OFFS ENCIMEX offers an exhaustive quantity take off services for all Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing needs. Our digital quantity take-offs have advantages over manual take offs as they are barely prone to errors. With our quantity take off services contractors and manufacturers can be precise on labor needed and detailed measurement of materials.
MEP AS- BUILT DRAWINGS For any kind of renovations to be done in future for a building as- built drawings are vital. From as- built drawings field verification through markup drawings or existing building plans can be identified with ease. We offers comprehended as- built drawings which proves to be a value addition among the various MEP services.
COBie SERVICES COBie refers to “Construction Operations Building information exchange”. COBie is a data format standard that will have data about scheduled assets identified in the associated design deliverables. Through our COBie services important project data's can be captured at the point of origin. Our COBie services also include equipment lists, product data sheets, warranties, spare parts lists etc.
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