Architectural BIM Modeling We create accurate 3D model simulations which can be used to ease the decision-making processes. 3D architectural BIM models can be used to efficiently plan the design and construction works. With the sharing of 3D simulations we will convey the project details more effectively with the clients. Changes can be easily incorporated in the design using client feedback, reducing change orders thus overall cost of the project.
Point Cloud Modeling Point cloud modelling transformed the entire reverse engineering process in the AEC industry. Point cloud data is achieved by 3D laser scanning of the building and the data is utilized for successful development of renovation, refurbishment, retrofit projects etc. Point cloud modelling is the pivotal work in the entire renovation processes. Point cloud modelling can be defined as the process of developing 3D models from the point cloud data. Encimex offers impeccable point cloud modelling services for the clients with quick turn around, maximum precision and efficiency.
Construction Document services We provide comprehensive construction documents for Architectural building information modeling. Our construction document services give architects, contractors, designers and engineers with all the necessary information required to execute the project on schedule. With our construction document clients can keep a close track on the project development and make sure that the project is profitable.
CAD Drafting Through our CAD drafting services, the blue prints and scanned models of buildings or sections are converted into editable CAD files with greater accuracy. We draft CAD files in various formats depending on the client specifications. Through our CAD drafting services considerable amount of time is saved by speeding up the process of preparing reports, bill of materials, scaling etc. and also improves the accuracy in total project.
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