Facade BIM services As the true face of a building façade details has an enormous impact in the energy efficiency of a building. Façade BIM is an important tool to analyze day lighting, temperature regulations and thermal acoustics. From this façade BIM model developed, we will provide our clients estimations in the designing and construction process.
Curtain Wall Detailing Curtain wall detailing encompasses complete cladding and exterior wall system except indoor finishes. Curtain wall systems are pre-casted in factories and are available in system types namely Stick built system, Structural glazing system and Unitized system. Curtain wall systems are the most air tight and weather resistant cladding system available. Being an exterior wall system, it is exposed to external atmosphere. We offer detailing and installation of the curtain wall considering the functionality and sustainability.
Aluminum composite panel detailing Aluminum composite panel has widely gained its popularity due to its minimal maintenance, durable aesthetic quality and building envelope performance. Encimex offers extensive 2D and 3D aluminum composite panel detailing services to a wide variety of applications and types of buildings.
Quantity take offs Quantity take offs is an indispensable tool to complete a construction project. We do an extensive research in Quantity take offs even in the earlier stages of designing and planning. Our quantity take off service is accompanied by detailed take off drawings along with the quantities of materials required at a later stage of a project for estimating cost.
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