As-Built Drawing Services

Encimex is the first choice among our clients (architects, builders, general contractors, homeowners, and retailers) when they require the final set of drawings (also called as-built drawings) after the project completion.  The forwarded as-built drawings help of client to compare their actual existing construction to the design stage condition, as the drawings show the existing condition of the site after the erection or installation.

On request, we even provide as-built BIM models to our clients.  The model we provided to our clients has detailed information showing pipes, walls, slabs, terrain, roof planes as well as vegetation around the building.  When red markups are provided by our client after the erection or installation, we develop as-built drawings.  At the construction site, workers may encounter several unforeseen conditions that require on the spot-fixing which deviates from the original plan.  When our client forwards us corrections as red markups or point cloud, we provide the as-built drawings/models.

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