Point Cloud Modeling (Scan to BIM) Services

At Encimex, we provide point cloud modeling services to architects, MEP/HVAC contractors, civil contractors and general contractors in the construction industry.  The model we provide to our client contacts each and every building data which includes columns, beams, walls, roofs, ceilings, pipes, and ducts.  This guides our clients to understand and analyze the existing condition of the structure before demolition or renovation.

Our point cloud modeling services are hired by our clients for renovation activities, modification, extension, maintenance & surveillance of the building, refurbishment, facility management procedures, and building demolition tasks.

Our Services in Point Cloud:

  • Tracing and surface restructuring from point cloud data
  • For construction scheduling: Point cloud to BIM 4D
  • For cost estimation: Point cloud to BIM 5D
  • For sustainability optimization: Point cloud to BIM 6D
  • For facility management: Point cloud to BIM 7D


  • laser scanned data of the structure
  • photographs of the site and photosphere of the structure
  • if available, final model and design drawings


  • creation of 3D model at LOD 5 or LOD 500
  • as-built drawings as well as documentation
  • as-built elevation as well as plan view drawings
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